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We went to the Louie Awards!

Ever since I began printing my greeting cards, over ten years ago, I have wanted to enter the Louie awards. Because I had never had a run of 500+ (as required to enter) I couldn't enter until my partnership with Recycled Paper Greetings. The 2014 awards were my first time entering, and I was so thrilled to be a finalist! It was especially satisfying to see my card in great company. The other two companies in 'Humorous Birthday $3.50 and below' were big and well established: Compendium and Madison Park (the winner).

We didn’t win, but we had an AMAZING time at the Louie Awards Gala and National Stationery Show. What an honor to be a finalist with our first entry ever!

It was also a special trip because it was our (me and my friend Christine) first trip away from our two year olds! We each picked out a place we wanted to visit. I chose the High Line since I had moved from the area before the park opened. Christine chose Mood Fabric for her love of sewing and Project Runway. We also managed to fit in brunch with my high school friend and her family, and snap some pictures from the top of the Empire State Building.

It had been 6 years since I had been to NYC, and it was four days well spent.