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Madness Poetry 2018!

I made it to the "Elite 8" round of Madness Poetry! I was beaten by an amazing poem by my opponent, Amelia, who is currently battling it out for the big prize in the final round. Poets, from well known to new, are matched up in an NCAA style bracket. Each match has a word that must be used as given. Other competitors, students, and the community, vote for their favorite. The wonner moves on the the next round, and the loser is out. Here are my poems from this year's competition, it was so much fun:

Round One, 500 characters, "Tattered":


Tattered from their sacrifice,

their fruit, their sap, their wood.

the trees have given up on us.

They’re leaving Earth for good.


Pulling up their tangled roots

and lifting off to space;

they seek a kinder place to grow,

without the human race.


"So long!" sings the Sycamore,

and "Bye-bye!" barks the Birch.

"Toodles!” taunts the Tupelo,

they’ve left us in the lurch.


“Later!” laments the lumberjack

who clings upon a limb,

as Linden launches in the air

and flies away with him.


Round Two, 500 characters, "Pompadour":


Can you hear the octopus?

He's lurking down the hall.

Each night he sticky-suction crawls

while clinging to the wall.


With tapered ends of speckled limbs

and backwards pompadour,

his bouncy, boneless, spiral swirls

cascade across my floor.


I smell his salty, fishy skin,

as I lie still and wait.

One arm, then two, now three, and four...

he’s reached me with all eight!


That’s when I lift the book and ask,

“What chapter is it, Fred?”

There’s nothing quite like reading to

my octopus in bed.


Round Three, 1000 characters, "Confidante":


Dear Beloved Incisor,


A gaping hole sits next to me.

It’s where your svelte shape used to be.


I miss your sheen, so pearly white,

your smooth enamel and your bite.


Once my gum-mate, confidante —

to have you back is all I want!


I thought we shared a strong attraction.

Why, then, did you choose extraction?





My Dear Canine,


I didn’t plan to leave, my love!

But Tongue came by and gave a shove!


Since then I’ve seen amazing things:

A fairy came! Complete with wings!


She flew me to a paradise.

It’s dentist free, that’s oh so nice.


I chew on candy every day.

No fear of fillings, nor decay.


Forgive me, love, please understand,

I can’t give up this Lost Tooth Land.





To Incisor,


I feel regret about my letter.

Things have gotten so much better.


A grand new tooth has claimed your spot.

He likes my jokes. He’s kind of hot.


Enjoy your life in luxury.

We’re over now. Don’t write to me.




P.S. Tongue came by and gave a shove. But I’ll hold on ‘cuz it’s true love!


Round Four, 1000 characters, "Flouting":


I met her back in middle school,

when she moved in next door.

She gave a smile and I watched while

her teeth fell on the floor.


She listens when I’m feeling sad,

with caring moans and sighs.

She never fails to cheer me up

by juggling both her eyes.


Dissecting frogs in science class

will make me green and queasy.

My friend can chew on neuron goo —

amphibians are easy.


In gym she won at tug-o-war,

her power was unmatched,

until the day she pulled so hard

her arms became detached.


And when I try to dress up nice,

it lacks a zombie flair.

While she looks glam in shabby chic

and gruesome matted hair.


She often comes to spend the night

but never goes to bed.

Flouting sleep is no big deal

for someone who’s undead.


I want to be a zombie too!

I’ll get my wish tonight…

that’s when I’ll ask my pasty pal

to give my arm a bite!