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Sarafina Design

I originally founded the business in 2004 after many unsuccessful searches for Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day cards for my grandmother’s partner of 40+ years.

I put together a book of cards, and set off to sell them. In a short amount of time, they were in three different Whole Foods, the local Border's, and a number of independent shops from New England to California. This was while I worked as a display designer, and took classes towards a new degree.

Then, I accepted a job as a toy designer, something I had wanted since graduating, and didn't feel I could do both. I put the card business aside. 

The very first cards were a mix of cards for the LGBT community, and those that aimed to be enjoyable to everyone. I primarily use animals as characters in the cards to avoid gender and race, and lets people see themselves in the cards more easily. Plus...illustrating people is hard!

From the beginning, my goal with these simple drawings was to make them a mix of cute, sarcastic, and clever, with a dash of puns. Making myself laugh is always the goal, and is why I enjoy creating them so much. (Making other people laugh, of course, is a good too!) I especially appreciate a subtle joke, when the reader has to let their brain work for a moment or two before (hopefully) saying 'oh, right!'.

Sarafina was a nickname my great uncle gave to me when I was a little kid. To this day, I have NO idea how he came up with it.

All wholesale cards (printed by Sarafina Design) are printed on recycled paper, use a 100% recycled envelope, and a biodegradable plastic sleeve.

Previously published throughRecycled Paper Greetings, I then moved on to work with RSVP Cards (Sellers Publishing)! It has become the perfect business to pair with the busy job of raising my two boys.

In 2014, I was honored to be a finalist for a Louie Award!


Jenna Waldman

I am an artist and designer living in the SF Bay Area. I graduated from Massachusetts College of Art in 2001 where I studied industrial design. My first job was as a POP designer in Rhode Island. My following job was as a toy designer for Melissa & Doug in Connecticut.

I left Connecticut for a little adventure in Washington State, some rain, beautiful scenery, hipsters, and getting married. Thankfully, I have now found the sunshine in CA!

Support staff include her husband Wes, felines Tupac and Pippa, and added to the team April of 2012, Ronen! And now his little brother Asher, born in 2015.


Sarafina was a nickname my great uncle gave to me when I was a little kid. To this day, I have NO idea how he came up with it.
— Jenna