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Is all started when...

There was once a day, in elementary school, that I decided to speak only in rhyme. I can't say anyone else was amused, at least for very long. The joy of rhyme did not fade with time, but only grew stronger.

When I took a poetry class in college, I wrote a paper about Blake completely in rhyme. Again, it was probably terrible, and the teacher was probably not amused. But I thought it was hilarious, and luckily got an A in the class. Throw in some terrible angsty poems in my teenage years, making up silly songs and poems with my kids, and that about sums up my love of rhyme. And the rhyming greeting cards, of course! 

As far as writing, I remember loving English class. Although I even took science assignments, and turned them into stories. Hanging with Lucy Leaf, and Splitting with Cecilia Cell, where my first accidental forays into children's science writing. In High School, I won a scholarship to The Breadloaf Young Writer's Conference at Middlebury College. I submitted an horrendous play to a play-writing competition (more angst!), and wrote articles for the newspaper. Luckily for my classmates, there was no repeat of 'Rhyme Only Day'.

Years ago, a toy design colleague suggested I write picture books using the characters from my greeting cards. I started experimenting with that idea after my first son was born, but it was never finished (oi vey, kids are a lot of work!).

Today, I am working on a collection of silly children's poetry, and several picture book manuscripts. Some are rhyming, others are prose. They may or may not be illustrated by me. There's still a lot to learn, it's a far more complex journey then I knew before starting. But I am thrilled to begin the adventure! Hopefully, one day, I'll have some exciting picture book news to share on this page...